Becoming a foster home...

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Everyone always asks "How can I help rescue?". People assume donations of food, money and supplies top the list as well as volunteering to groom, walk, and train dogs. Although these efforts are greatly appreciated, the biggest way to help us is to offer your heart and home to a rescue dog.

The average stay for a rescue dog can be anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months depending on the demand. Those who run rescue have committed their own homes to not only their own Saints but on an average 4-5 rescue dogs. When foster homes are sparce, the amount of dogs in one's home can double breaking many city and county laws. We have dogs in every room of the house and crates lined up throughout our living rooms instead of couches and entertainment centers. We are dedicated to saving as many Saints as we can but the room to house them is very limited and we have to make space to live ourselves. Sadly, we are turning away many Saints every week.

Foster Care can be very rewarding. You play a vital part in evaluating the Saints behavior and you are a crucial part to their training and upbringing. Many Saints have never known love. They don't know what it is like to eat a regular meal. They don't know what toys are. They have never tasted a dog treat. They have never slept on a couch or curled up on a rug. They have never been groomed, walked on a leash, or played with another dog. They have never been scratched behind the ear or experienced a belly rub. As a foster parent or foster family you have the opportunity to give a Saint the life it never had. You can prepare the Saint for its '"Forever Home" and know when it leaves that you made a direct impact on the rest of its life. Some say " I could never foster because I would get attached". The main focus though is to remember that it will be sad to see your friend leave but another helpless Saint is waiting in a shelter with hopes it will make it out alive. You play a vital role in decreasing euthanasia among our breed. If just one person opened up their home to rescue Saint it would make a world of difference!

Please consider becoming a foster home for a homeless Saint. Contact us! We will gladly contact you to discuss your role further and inform you on how you can get started. Without your help we cannot continue to rescue the many Saints in desperate need of homes.

You can fill out an application to become a foster home by clicking here.

Foster Home Requirements