Relinquishing Your Saint Bernard to Our Program
February 15, 2018

I can no longer keep my Saint Bernard, can you take my dog into your program?

Our rescue group is dedicated to saving the lives of Saints in dire need. We rescue dogs from high kill shelters and animal control agencies. It is very rare that we have room to assist a dog which resides with a loving family. We will make every effort to help counsel you with the issues you are having with your Saint. With the help of our web site, we can post your dog for you and help gain exposure for your dog so that you can find it an appropriate home. Our space is limited and is only available to dogs that need immediate attention. We do not accept mixed breed dogs into our program. SHOULD we have room to assist you, we do ask for a $75 donation for dogs who are altered and $125 for unaltered animals. You will be required to sign a formal document relinquishing your rights of your Saint Bernard. DUE TO VERY LIMITED SPACE, YOU SHOULD MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO FIND A HOME FOR YOUR DOG BEFORE CONTACTING US. If you purchased your dog from a breeder, please contact your breeder first.